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About Us: Burns Party of Four

Zach and Renee, along with their twin daughters, call Duluth, MN home where Zach was raised. As a fifth-generation northern Minnesotan, Zach grew up exploring much of the region. “Car/Van” camping is in his blood, as his family owned a VW pop-top, and when he was younger his parents took him out of school to travel the country.


 Zach met Renee in the high desert of Northern Arizona where they fell in love sharing their passion for the outdoors, and living simply. Their first trip together was with a buddy, driving down the Baja Peninsula of Mexico in search of the perfect surf break to paddle.


Since then, Renee and Zach have worked professionally in the outdoor field as guides, educators and program developers nationwide. Together, they’ve traveled across the country numerous times, in numerous vehicles, in search of their next adventure.


Right before the pandemic, they experienced their biggest adventure ever, welcoming their 1.5 lb. twin girls at 26 weeks. Their life of “dirt-bagging”, car-camping, and general travel was brought to an abrupt halt as they settled into hospital life in the NICU for 4 months. When they were finally cleared to leave the hospital with their little warriors they dreamt of hitting the road with them…then came the quarantine, the lock-down, etc….


Duluth Adventure Van (and expeditions) aka DAVe, is the product of hospital living, turned quarantining, turned figuring out how to enjoy the outdoors, travel, all while helping others to experience all that this region has to offer.


We hope you enjoy exploring with DAVe as much as we do!


Feel free to follow DAVe on Facebook and IG @Duluth Adventure Van.

Zach's 1st family pop-top circa 1988

Zach 1st van 1988 OR.jpg

Renee's 1st Dodge Ram van circa 2002

Renee's 1st ram van UT.jpeg
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